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5 chris arnoux

Last May I embarked on the journey of buying a house. This was my first home buying experience and I wasn’t sure what to expect from the process. Thankfully, I had the pleasure of working with Real Estate Agent Winston Murray who was not only informative, but attentive to my needs and ideas throughout the home-buying experience. The tact and working knowledge that Winston Murray portrayed was an integral to me finding my perfect home. Winston ensured that my needs were met every step of the way. In regards to real estate, I would highly recommend working with Winston Murray.

5 RubenAlaniz

I truly believe that Winston Murray has the universal capability to take feedback and deliver a tailored experience for all generations of prospective home buyers and sellers. As a 1st time home buyer in such a crazy competitive market, my Fiance and I always felt that we had leverage with Winston in our corner. He’s down to earth, positive, passionate, transparent, displayed proactive and high-touch communication skills during our offer and negotiation process. His sense of urgency is unmatched and was exactly what we needed given our unique situation. Our home buying experience was easy and painless and we have to attribute that to Winston being amazing at what he does. We would definitely recommend Winston Murray to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

5 Hannah25

My husband and I just purchased our very first house. We were obviously a little anxious. Winston walked us through every step of the way and was always available to answer any questions – no matter how small. The entire process was painless. We can’t recommend him highly enough and when we eventually move house, we’ll be calling on his services again.

5 Jason elen

Winston Murray helped us buy a home in Mount Tabor last April. The home was on the market for just three days and there were multiple offers on the house. All we asked of him was that he do whatever he had to do to get us the house. And he did. Winston is smart, motivated, hard working and he’s also an honorable and respectful young man. A real straight shooter. We refer all our friends who actually want to buy a home in Portland to Winston, because these days in this town, there are lots of people who spend many months making offers that don’t get accepted. The right RE professional can make all the difference – and Winston is that guy.

5 heavenscott

We moved to Portland a year ago in search of buying a home and met Winston at an open house. After explaining who we were and what we were looking for in a home we all just clicked. My wife and I are artists who were looking for a house with great workshop space plus quiet living space as we have a lot of traveling friends and family members. Winston had a great idea of what we wanted and knew what would work for us. He also had a great eye for what might be too much work or just a waste of time. Also Winston’s knowledge of Portland and its surrounding neighborhoods was a great value to our search, as we are relatively new to the area and in search of a good up and coming neighborhood. And we got it!! We had a great time on our search and would definitely recommend Winston as a solid PDX real estate agent. Thanks Winston! Scott & Kiku

5 zuser20140803200030589

Winston was always very professional and passionate about his work. His knowledge and expertise are unsurpassed, particularly in today’s market. From the beginning, we were confident in his skills in helping us to find and buy a home. We were fortunate to have found him as our agent.

5 busterross

I recommend Winston Murray highly. He was able to work with my needs quickly and was very knowledgable of the market. Nice guy and seriously dedicated.

5 mkeenen

As a real estate development professional working in a new market I need reliable market knowledge from local sources. Winston is a very knowledgable agent and understands how to take high level market information and translate it into closing real deals.

5 fabrizio wf

I know Winston through working at the 4th Dimension Recovery center which is the non-profit that he founded. Winston is an incredibly personable and intelligent young man. His ambition and determination to get things done has always inspired me. I also have friends that have bought houses through him and they were never unsatisfied. Although I am not yet ready to buy a house, I would certainly use him because there is no one that I would trust more to give me the best possible service and deal. He is trustworthy, respectful and very easy to get along with.

5 freezedried2

I have sent many of my clients and friends to Winston Murray when they have been looking for their new homes or selling homes. He has been so successful and great at listening to what people are looking for and getting them into the house they have been dreaming of. He knows the neighborhoods inside and outside . Winston is very familiar and comfortable with this competitive market and most of the time wins out on multiple offer situations. Winston is not only a great realtor but he is also steeped in the nonprofit community of Portland. His work as a realtor and in the nonprofit sector helps make Portland a better place to live. I highly recommend him.

5 eric4341

Winston sold my friend’s home and and is now helping me find a place. I will be continuing my search and Winston has been amenable to my schedule. I will be listing my house with Winston and he understands that I’m moving slowly and cautiously through this process and he hasn’t been pressuring me at all. I’ve had prior experiences where I feel so pressured by agents to get my house ready to show and find a house immediately.

5 user511487

I needed an offer to be written up on a multiple offer situation and he was able to complete and submit right away. I will use him again in the future, he is very knowledgeable of the market we are in here in Portland and knows how to submit strong offers in competitive situations

5 khanacek85

I highly recommend Winston. He has been showing me houses after a friend recommended his services. As a first time home buyer, the process can be very daunting and overwhelming. However, Winston has made the process of entering the very competitive Portland housing market seamless. Finding the right home in the present market/choice location once felt like a far fetched dream but now I feel confident that I will find my dream home thanks to Winston!

5 tonyvezina10

Winston helped me get into my current place of residence, for which I am grateful for: it is a hard market, and I am in college which is a strain on my finances. Also, I have know Winston for several years through our work at The 4th Dimension Recovery Center, a non-profit community organization for youth that we co-founded. Through this work, Winston has continually shown his dedication to serving his community, and this passion is not limited to his love for young people in recovery — Winston consistently brings servant values into everything he does, including his personal, and professional life. I cannot think of a person who will work harder for people looking to buy homes than Winston, and I recommend him to my friends, colleagues, and family members when they are interested in moving into a new residence.

5 gwenmwhite

Winston assisted with the sale of a rental property we had. He was always very professional in his interactions with us. Winston is very personable and easy to work with. He is hardworking and goes the extra mile to get the job done. We are happy to recommend him and in fact since the time of our sale our son has successfully purchased a home through Winston and our daughter is now working with him on the purchase of a home. We all have had a positive experience.

5 ashleycarmody

Winston was amazing! We were first time home buyers and he held our hands through the entire process. Instead of just showing us a house, he would talk to the seller’s agent and let us know if there were other offers, what was going on with the house, what we’d need to offer to be competitive. He was always proactive but never pushy. And he was amazing during negotiation, I am fairly certain, we never would have gotten our house had he not been negotiating for us. He helped us put together a competitive offer that was still within our budget. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

5 helenmsprengel

We worked with Winston to buy our first home. He was amazing. I cannot recommend him enough. He was prompt and detailed in all of our endeavors. The entire time we worked with him, he was honest when pointing out certain aspects of the house and ballpark values that he felt would be appropriate to ask for. The process we went though while working with him was smooth. He really knows his stuff. When working with Winston, it feels like you’re working with someone you have known for a long time. It is very clear that he cares a lot about his clients, and the work that he does. You will definitely not regret it if you work with him. If we sell the house and buy another, he will be the one we go through again.

5 user6775875

I would highly recommend Winston as a buyers and sellers agent. He is extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented and thorough. I’m fully convinced that without Winstons creative offer approach and ability to connect with buyer/seller agents that we wouldn’t be moving into our dream home.

5 carrinaschindler

Winston us super kind, on top of it and a clear pro. I felt completely comfortable working with him and trusting him throughout the process. I would love to work with him on buying a second home in the same area!

5 weinbachl

Winston is highly skilled and a pleasure to work with. I have purchased many properties over the years, and despite his being relatively young in years, his work is that of a seasoned professional. Winston is highly responsive and adept at lining up resources. He formed positive relationships to everyone involved in my purchase, and impeccably coordinated each step of the way. Besides just executing the process, Winston understands strategy and how to negotiate in ways that keep all parties moving forward. If you want a highly responsive and no-worry sale or purchase, you cannot go wrong asking Winston Murray to represent you.

5 jeff17 marks

I wish I had the option to click on 6 stars for Winston. This is the 5th home I’ve purchased. I’ve had several good realtors over the years, but Winston is by far the best. He is extremely knowledgable, thorough, helpful, and skillful in all aspects of helping someone buy a home. If I ever buy another home in Portland (or sell one), I cannot imagine doing it without him!

5 meganabbottbrown

Winston was amazing. I am a first time home buyer and he was with me every step of the way. Whenever I had questions or needed someone else in the chain of businesses to answer me, Winston made it happen. Any concerns I had were a top priority. He went above and beyond what any of my families, coworkers and friends have experienced with their realtors. I don’t want to spoil it for you but the gifts and the little extras he puts in during the process made the biggest purchase of my life that much more special. Winston found a property in my price range that was safe and met every need on my list of priorities. My mom recently bought a home in Springfield, OR (not through Winston) and the realtor sold her a house in an unsafe neighborhood. My mom did not have a realtor that had her best interest at hand, she had a realtor that was only interested in a sale. When I picked a house that did not meet my needs Winston told me. He had my back 100% and I am now realizing after watching my mom and hearing my coworkers stories how lucky I am to have gone through the home buying process with someone who truly cares.

5 zuser20160209223344699

Winston Murray is a top notch, one stop shop for all things real estate. Great attitude and extremely hardworking. Winston was focused on my home buying needs from day one and stayed engaged throughout the process. Has a great network of trades and other connections to make things happen quickly and efficiently. Very much recommended.

5 jacksons27

As a first time home buyer, I was lost and hysterical most of the time! Winston stayed calm and professional the whole 2 and a half months it took us to find my adorable condo! I really cannot recommend him enough! His negotiating skills are a joy to behold! Thanks Winston!

5 craigsclemens

I’m an investor. I have owned dozens of properties, and I’ve used many realtors. I am most impressed with Winston. He is intelligent, ambitious, and even tempered. Winston implemented a unique marketing plan that netted me several thousand dollars more than I would have otherwise received on my recent sale. I would definitely recommend Winston to others.

5 pgravier

Winston did a great job for us during our search for the right home. We had a couple of homes that didn’t make it through our inspection process but he was very patient with us because he wanted to make sure we were completely happy with our purchase. After we finally found the perfect home, his knowledge and expertise made the entire process a breeze. I would recommend him to anyone looking to make a real estate purchase in the Portland area.

5 zuser20150805120749505

My husband and I originally met with Winston in October of 2015 but we hadn’t spoken since then, until we spotted our dream house in June of this year. We contacted him on a Sunday and had an offer put together and submitted by Tuesday. Out of 22 submitted offers, ours was accepted. Winston was helpful, knowledgeable, available and accommodating. Our closing was last Friday and the process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I would absolutely recommend Winston as a realtor.

5 brettcriptik

As a first time home buyer I feel very fortunate to have found Winston Murray. Winston went above and beyond for me. From start to finish Winston allways kept me informed about what step we were working on and on what I can expect next. Winston took the time to get to know me on a personal level and would even sacrifice his free time just to help me succeed! I am not surprised that Winston found me the home I have always wanted. When Winston gave me the keys to my new place I was so happy, I finally understand why Winston loves his job so much and it’s because he makes people’s dreams come true. Winston started out as my realtor but now I am stoked to call my friend!!

5 dcrum0

I recently moved to Portland to begin a new job, and needed to buy a home. This was my first home buy, and I was intimidated and needed help. I was recommended to select Winston Murray as my broker through my lender at Wells Fargo. Already Winston had developed a reputation as an excellent broker. I found his performance to exceed my expectations. Winston is highly intelligent and listens to his clients. He returns phone calls promptly and is extremely transparent during the home buying process. Being born and raised in Portland, Winston understands the local housing market economy extremely well, including Beaverton and Hillsboro areas. Winston ensured a purchase price on my home that was $10,000 UNDER the appraised value. For people in the Portland area, where homes can go $10-20K above list, this shows Winston’s ability to work on his client’s behalf. Winston is friendly and pleasant to work with, and gets the job done for his clients. I could not be more pleased with Winston Murray, and I offer the highest recommendation to anyone needing a broker to contact Winston. When it is time to sell my house and get a new one, I will definitely work with Winston again. –Dax M. Crum, Ph.D.

5 bkennedy5310

My husband and I were immensely fortunate to have found Winston on our home search. As first time homebuyers, we purchased an older home requiring numerous repairs. He managed and sourced multiple contractors on an accelerated and shortened inspection period, covering every detail of each repair with complete thoroughness and care. He went above and beyond from day 1, and was incredibly communicative of our timelines, what to expect, and any other questions we may have had. On top of all of that, he was very personable as our realtor, but also wonderful at negotiating and navigating our deal for us, especially in our competitive market. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

5 reallow

Winston helped us buy not one but 2 properties in the span of a few months. He was instrumental in being able to find great properties and helping us through the entire process. I can’t say enough great things about him as a realtor but he’s also a great person and helped us with so many other aspects of buying a home as well and post purchase he has been available to us whenever we needed him. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

5 anna dsenis

My husband and I just bought our first home and feel so lucky to have had Winston as our guide through the process of finding a home in a hot market! Our search started in NE Portland with a quick and informal chat with Winston at an open house. His thoughts on the current market were realistic and insightful. During the search he was a good listener, he guided when needed and earnest. In the end we found a lovely home that we can’t wait to make our own. I have already recommended him to several friend and coworkers.

5 deshaunablankinshipjones

Winston’s energy and enthusiasm coupled with his knowledge, attention to detail and focus made buying a new home a pleasure. His ability to solve problems and resolve issues in a timely manner kept the process on track. He listened and responded with care to all my questions and concerns. I will continue to highly recommend Winston to all my family and friends.

5 cdubd10

Winston is hands down the best real estate agent I have worked with. He is very personable and pleasant to be around, but he won’t hesitate to get down to business. Long story short, while buying our house we ran into numerous hurdles during underwriting. Winston was instrumental in helping us apply the required pressure to third parties in order to get everything finished in time to close on the house. If it wasn’t for Winston, I wouldn’t be writing this review from the comfort of my new home!

5 lauren e french

As a first time home buyer I can’t imagine going through this process with anyone but Winston. He’s knowledgeable and personable and read situations perfectly. He might even be too good! Let’s just say, in the craziness of this market, my first offer was accepted the next day. I was shocked by that – figured I’d need to make 7 more offers before I had success/a house of my own. Not the case. I just closed on my house and couldn’t be happier, or recommend him enough.

5 lldillard

Winston was recommended to me by a friend who had an exceptionally complicated and prolonged home-buying experience. Winston is the consummate professional; he’s sharp, articulate and compassionate. From providing seamless online tools for collecting signatures to coordinating and communicating with my mom and I, Winston was attentive to our needs. Winston has a strong understanding of the Portland real-estate market and is an intuitive negotiator. I definitely recommend Winston if you’re looking to buy a home in PDX.

5 user1125649

Winston was not only an absolute joy to work with, he also was an expert in his field and very dedicated to creating a great experience for me. Thank you, Winston!! I recommend him over and over to anyone seeking a great home buying experience

5 leahammer33

We just closed on our dream house on Friday. Winston spent a lot of time at the front end to help us define exactly what we wanted and helped us structure our offer so that we weren’t overpaying but we still beat 2 cash offers. During the inspection, we discovered that the house needed some major work and, thanks to Winston’s negotiations, we received full credit for everything that we asked for! I cannot recommend Winston enough–he was attentive, in tune with our needs and an expert at every step of the process!

5 ambermarinoff

I cannot recommend Winston highly enough! My husband and I gave Winston a big task with the specifics of what we wanted when we called him looking for property. Winston delivers everything asked for and then some! His professionalism, knowledge about the areas, and negotiation skills were all very apparent during our property search and purchase. His commitment to the community was wonderful to be a part of as well. I would not heatitate to recommend Winston to anyone looking for an excellent realtor and a great home buying experience.

5 zuser20170123084113482

Winston is great! He sold our Condo TWICE (both times within three days)! After our first buyer’s offer fell through, Winston was super attentive and organized a second open house within hours and sold our place again over the weekend! He was very prompt on our questions and concerns. He helped us in every step on selling. We are looking forward to buying a future home with Winston’s help!

5 holtan brenda8

Winston Murray is an expert in his field. He had a plan including specific dates including when to have two open houses and when to close the bids. We received more great offers than we could ever have imagined. Winston staged our house expertly. Winston is honest, kind and works in a calm demeanor with integrity. He returned all calls in a very timely manner. We cannot say enough about how great our house selling went with Winston. 5 stars is not enough!!!

5 darkinsa

Winston was critical in making my home purchase a success! He was very responsive every time I called or e-mailed and was always making sure I got everything I needed. This was my first time purchasing a home and Winston was thorough about explaining the process to me and answering every question I had in great detail. He did a terrific job negotiating – there’s no way I end up in my place without him. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a great home buying experience.

5 erinobrmllr

Winston Murray is one of the most honest, selfless, and hard-working people I have ever met. He listens so thoroughly to the needs and desires of his clients and works so hard not only to find them a great home but to make sure they are completely taken care of throughout the duration of the home-buying process. As first-time home-buyers, my husband and I were especially grateful (and felt especially spoiled) working with someone so knowledgeable, communicative and thorough. Words will never be enough to express the gratitude we have for all of the work Winston put in for us and for all of the support he gave us when things became more emotional than we anticipated. We feel honored now, to consider him and call him friend. THANK YOU!

5 Ryanlebrun

Winston is the remedy to all that ails home buying. He gave me so many options of homes to buy, and when I found my perfect fit , he did everything right to close the deal. He quickly formed a close bond with the seller, which allowed us more leverage in the buying process. Equally impressive is how Winston was able to describe all the terms, conditions and all around real estate Jargon to me in a way that I could understand it, and make good decisions based on that information. Winston also really shined after the sale. Being from Portland, he knew all the best people to inspect the home, roofers, flooring, paint, chimney, the home inspector himself. He arranged and or suggested all that I needed to either make a counter offer, or move on. The best part was that he confidently reassured me, that if this wasn’t the house for me, the he “always had my back,” and that if this wasn’t feeling good he would find my home still. At this moment I knew that Winston is not about “making the sale” he is about making great connections and finding people dream homes in a town and community that he loves! I’ve recommended him to anyone and everyone I hear mention buying a home, he really is that good at what he does. 100% faith in this guy, he rocks!

5 get2grow

The most pleasant and uncomplicated experience I have ever had in buying a house. I highly recommend Winston Murray & hope to use his services in the future.

5 culbertfam

Winston was able to successfully negotiate with the seller for credit on work that needed done on the house that I purchased. Also he was very easy to reach by phone with any questions. Awesome!

5 zoeysirinsky

I was worried about buying a house in Portland because of how competitive it is. But Winston made it easy for us and found us an amazing home. We got the first house we made and offer on.I don’t think we would have been able to get this house without Winston. He put in a lot of extra work for us beyond what most realitors would. Thank you Winston !

5 russellgranby

Winston helped me close get a great deal on a home in Gresham. He approached the deal in a meaningful way that helped seal the deal. We even closed 3 days early! He is very local oriented and you can tell how much Portland and the state of Oregon mean to him. Highly recommend!

5 kinsey vanost

Went into the real estate market without a clue. Winston helped inform us, reassure us, and land us our dream home. Winston is honest, persistent, and knowledgeable. If your in the market, I highly recommend Winston!

5 helenmsprengel0

We worked with Winston for the buying and selling of our home. He was extremely honest from the get-go. His good character and talent as a realtor are the primary reasons we chose him. Winston answered all the questions we had, and was patient and responsive. Winston is a realtor who is a true professional, and really knows his stuff. We would choose to work with him again in a heartbeat. Working with Winston feels like working with a long-time friend.

5 brian reff

Winston is exceptional. He came highly recommended by a friend and I am glad I ended up working with him. I interviewed a few agents and chose Winston based on his knowledge, work ethic, and honesty which shined through from our first few meetings. Buying a home can be a intimidating process, using an top-tier agent like Winston makes the whole endeavor a pleasant one.

5 fettersa503

Our experience with Winston Murray was pleasant & successful. He is very detailed & knowledgeable about the current real estate market. He based pricing & marketing on analysis of our local area on current available facts & figures. We appreciate him taking time to talk with us & our daughter about each step on selling our home. His advice suggesting we have a professional stager help set up the home for the open house & advice for dates to put home on the market & on internet & advertising methods was excellent! Thx, Winston.

5 user8187196

Winston’s calm and professional demeanor and sharp skill set made the buying and selling process seamless and stress free. Winston personalized the process and genuinely listened to and addressed our needs. He was always willing to answer questions or offer explanations (which was especially helpful as a first time home buyer) and was consistently responsive in an extremely timely manner. I would absolutely recommend Winston to anyone. Thank you Winston!

5 LaraMarikoMcCauley

We could not have asked for a better experience! Winston listened to what we wanted and helped give us realistic advice and expectations. He has the experience and knowledge that made us feel comfortable and confident in his negotiation skills. He made the whole process easy and personalized. He was laid back and very responsive. I never felt like we were bothering him with questions and he always gave honest responses in a timely manner.

5 trish8615

Working with Winston on the sale of my duplex was a pleasure. He was knowledgeable about the market and was very professional. He navigated his way through the interesting challenges that arose between the Property Manager and the tenants with poise. He implemented his marketing plan and we successfully accepted an offer just as he anticipated. I would highly recommend hiring Winston as your Realtor.

5 philme113

Super informed, easy to work with. Perfect staff of individuals dedicated to selling your home not only at the best price but to the best buyer….. this will be the very first time you want to tip your listing agent. He is very familiar with the north east side of Portland

5 zuser20170729095208686

We are so lucky we met Winston. As first time home buyers we didn’t know much about the process and Winston was always available to answer questions and talk. He was a great listener and was super informative. We also felt like his experience and knowledge gave us an upper hand when placing an offer in an extremely competitive market.

5 zuser20170211140006451

Winston figured us out quickly. We met with him to look at an insane amount of properties in a short amount of time, and by the third one, he new wether or not we’d like it before walking into the door. He was very honest, insightful, and cared first and foremost about our needs. When we were unable to look at a property, he went to them for us, provided virtual tours, and gave his honest opinion for how they matched our needs then. He even talked to neighbors of homes we were interested in to see if they matched our lifestyle! Ultimately, Winston provided us with the perfect home, helped us through the process so easily in what is usually such a frustrating one, and you could tell he was genuinely happy to have helped us get the right home. Anyone will be lucky to work with Winston and his team in the future. Cheers!

5 user7757394

Winston is a true professional. This is the second house he has sold for my family. He listened to our needs and gave us options on how to accomplish them. He has always delivered on his promises. I would hire him again! He’s a trusted source

5 tylermacbethdesign

Would highly recommend Winston Murray as a buyer’s agent! Over the course of several months, he worked with us and took us to view numerous properties while we waited to find the right home for us. When we finally found the home that checked all of the boxes on our wishlist, he crafted a competitive offer (in a bidding war of six other offers)! Winston was patient and savvy, and helped us to secure our dream home!!

5 zuser20160808112730461

I cannot speak highly enough of Winston. He was very knowledgeable of the industry, which areas are the hottest and was articulate in explaining the process to first time home buyers. If we had questions late at night on the weekend, he was quick to respond and always positive in his communications. He helped us get our first offer accepted on our new home. All around good experience and I would recommend working with Winston in the future.

5 alexansuzanne

Winston was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was a fantastic help getting us in to a cute home that suits our personality and our budget. I definitely recommend him!

5 tristan brillanceaulewis

When purchasing a home (and even more so bidding on one), being able to sign a document in an efficient manner and at ones earliest convenience is of absolute necessity. Winston was key in fullilling this time sensitive process. Without him, we wouldnt have been able to purchase an amazing home that was in competition with 7 other bidders. With time being of the essence, winston was our man from start to finish.

5 deanolewis1988

Wow wow wow!! I couldnt ask for a more dedicated helpful team we had our hands full with a complicated out of state move winston and heidi stuck by us and went leaps and bounds to make it easy they found us our dream home and made sure it was in a location i could raise my son we are so greatful to them and feel like we not only bought a home but made some friends. thank you guys!!

5 kkohberger

Winston knowledge of homes in SE Portland allows him to be a skillful negotiator. As a first time home buyer his guidance about the process was extremely helpful. And he helped me stay on budget!

5 deineskate

I cannot speak highly enough of Winston and his team at PDX Works Real Estate. Despite an extremely competitive real estate market, Winston was able to help us secure our dream home in the Portland metro area. Throughout the process, he went above and beyond in accommodating our needs and making us feel like extremely valued clients. There is truly not another real estate agent or team that we would have wanted in our corner!

5 zuser20160831152425098

I’ve purchased several homes and these folks are by far the best!! Winston worked with me and we only saw homes that were in the area I was interested in. He guided me when I placed my offer- and the home is now mine! Wonderful follow up and care!

5 maxkram3r

First and foremost, Winston and his team got us the house we wanted in a highly competitive market well below appraisal value. That just doesn’t happen, not in the Portland market. You know the saying cooler heads prevail? Winston helped keep us level, and as first-time home buyers who fretted about every detail, he helped talk us through everything from start to finish. He was incredibly attentive and flexible during the browsing process. He stuck with us throughout our financial roller coaster, and when we found the right home, he was ready. We have had several issues extend past closing, and Winston has stuck with us all the way. Winston and Heidi care deeply: they care about getting you into the right home, they care about getting it for your at a good price, they care about you feeling secure in your new home, they care about you enjoying the journey, they care about you feeling taken care of, they care about it all. I highly recommend Winston and his team to anyone looking to buy a home. He’s also a super affable, positively ambitious, and kind person, so he makes for a profoundly valuable community leader.

5 justinpompano

Winston is the BEST agent in Portland without a doubt! I had to go through two agents before finding Winston, and as the saying goes, the third time was definitely a charm. Could not recommend him more. He found homes for my brother, mother, and my self! We were able to secure my home for 20,000 under the list price! That is seriously insane in the Portland market. Winston is honest, punctual, and makes himself available. I would give him six stars if I could.

5 zuser20161014140044582

Winston was a huge help in buying this house. He’s always punctual and quick to respond to calls/texts regardless of day or time. Navigates the sales process with a high understanding of how to help his clients.

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