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Want to live in a home that’s YOURS but don’t know how to get started?

The home buying process can quite honestly overwhelming.

That’s why we made a Buyer’s Guide to help dispel any of the lingering uncertainty

& catch one of our upcoming classes on [March 28]

What’s Inside Our Buyer’s Guide?

  • Step by step overview of the home buying process so you have a clear “big picture” of what you will be doing

  • Summaries of each step with plenty of details to help demystify scary and confusing things like mortgage pre-approval, earnest money, and inspections

Just give us your name & email and we will send it directly into your inbox!

Winston Murray | PDX Works Team

Winston Murray | PDX Works Team

Steph Nobel | Guild Mortgage

Steph Nobel | Guild Mortgage

After going over our Buyer’s Guide you will have

the tools & knowledge to make a well-informed decision

about buying your dream home